Global Renaissance Advisory Services

Bringing opportunities for organizations to co-venture with various entities to help maximize revenue, control expenses, and evaluate opportunities for diversification on your current portfolio of projects.

Our Services

  • Intellectual Property and Brand Management
  • Strategic Planning & Consultation
  • Revenue Maximization
  • Cost Savings Strategies
  • Procurement Efficiency with your Supply Chain
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • We have a combined 60 years of experience in multiple industries, and work with a seasoned team of consultants, advisors, investors, and multi-media partners around the world. Arthur Wylie and Dale Godboldo are the co-founders of Global Renaissance Advisory Services. Their collective work has overseen 1,200 clients and $500 million in assets, transactions, insurance, intellectual properties, and real estate, and they currently manage a catalogue of 20 intellectual properties that have generated over $30 million worldwide.

    Our joint venture partners include Tom Darden and John Mazzarino (co-founders of the $2B investment firm, Cherokee Investment Partners), and our non-profit allies include Arthur Wylie Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, Make it Right, The Branson Centre For Entrepreneurship, Cherokee Gives Back, Always In The Club Foundation, and The Bob Marley Foundation, among others.

    Our media related experience includes the structuring of numerous agreements with Lionsgate, SONY, Warner Brothers, and Disney. Clients and strategic partners have generated over $9B in worldwide sales, and were behind brands such as Lord of the Rings, Twilight, Hunger Games, Mad Men, and the $650 million Final Destination franchise.

    We leverage our extensive relationships to increase the efficiency of your organization through our advisors, consulting team, and partners. We also provide Branding Management & Marketing Partnerships by leveraging our strategic alliances and controlled entities to assist in reaching your marketing goals.

    Putting the plan into motion is what we do best! We work with you to implement the strategies, including assistance in building the proper Management Team for sustainability. Long-term winning, as opposed to quick short-term fixes.

    We are committed to providing our clients with unsurpassed service in meeting their office, retail, industrial, or land acquisition needs. Global Renaissance Advisory Services primarily focuses on urban re-development, film studios, and mixed-use developments. Our services range from capital raising, consulting, and marketing, to management of the overall development of the project. We have helped individuals, institutions, and government entities make intelligent real estate decisions that have lead to wealth accumulation and asset protection.