arthur-wylie-wise-program-The WYLIE INITIATIVE for the STUDY of ENTREPENEURSHIP


“WISE Executive Lecture Series”

The WISE Executive Lecture Series is a studies program that introduces students to key aspects of business planning and strategic development. The goal of the program is to introduce students of business and aspiring entrepreneurs to the many issues and problems pertaining to the development, and launch of a business venture.

The core of the program is determined by and reflective of the reality that 50% of most new business ventures fail within a year of their launch and more than 80% within 5 years. Without a solid business plan in place, a sound execution policy, and strategic relationship building it is virtually impossible for a business to secure outside funding and have long term sustainability. When there is no clear active business plan and in place with a solid team, no business is likely to achieve its potential or goals.

The WISE Executive Lecture Series introduces students to the overwhelming risks to business success that result from a venture operating without a business plan and without life a true life wealth strategy, without observance of the various federal and state laws pertaining to business operations. It also, however, introduces and emphasizes the tremendous benefits of having a solid business and life wealth plan in place and taking the necessary steps early on to incorporate a business in an appropriate legal form, followed up by proper use and observance of state and federal laws.

Over a six to twelve week period, the WISE Executive Lecture Series will teach students how to develop a comprehensive and practical business plan for their business venture, working through each section of an industry-standard plan and life wealth plan explaining all of the key points that must be addressed. These following points, Vision, Planning Executing, Marketing, Networking and dealing with the unknown are critical Components of the WISE Executive Lecture Series.

The course also teaches students how to use business planning as an exercise in business analysis. Using case studies, group exercises and workbook assignments, the course also develops the students’ ability to research, analyze and apply information about business ventures. Students are taught to appreciate how careful research, insight into the structure, relationship management and operations of a business can help to identify and address all foreseeable issues with respect to business growth and function.

Over the course of the entire program, students are introduced one topic at a time, to business planning procedures, legal issues pertaining to business development, financial planning strategies, basic corporate accounting, marketing and networking strategies, and implementation strategies for all of the above. Students are also guided to appreciate the importance of goal setting and review as a means of monitoring the short to long-term progress of a given venture.

The ultimate goal of the course is that upon graduation, students should be able to go on without any further study and without any hesitation, to incorporate and launch their own businesses, having the tools and knowledge on-hand to turn their idea into a successful and sustainable venture.